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At Run Propane our mission is to help the public convert to alternative fuel use without sacrificing power.

With today's high fuel cost alternative fuels such as propane offer lower fuel costs and increased engine life.

Our conversion kits will help you join the Green Movement while also saving money.

Propane Conversion Kit For Small engines

Propane Conversion Kit For Gas Engines. LPG gaseous fuel system. AltFuel Model 2 Regulator System AF2 is designed to easily convert all overhead cam (OHC) and overhead valve (OHV) engines by utilizing an Intake Adapter placed behind the carburetor to deliver the new propane fuel. Propane for water pumps, generators, tillers, blowers, lawn mowers, Skag mowers, snow blowers, chippers and small construction equipment like trenchers. The correct Intake Adapter for the engine being converted will need to be selected from our easy to use list. Kits for Scag, Hustler, Toro, Snapper, Wright, Yazoo z-turn and other commercial equipment. Works on cheap imports generators and engines by powerhorse, champion, ETQ, Generac, northstar.

The Green Conversion Kit can convert 95% of 4 stroke gasoline carbureted engines ranging from 1-45 hp. There are two basic conversion kits, Model 1 (AF1) and Model 2 (AF2). Model 1 is a manual conversion kit designed for only 2 specific engines, which are Briggs & Stratton non OHV/OHC push mower engines.

All other engines will use Model 2 (AF2). The Model 2 kit is an automatic conversion kit controlled by the demand of the engine. Model 2 works on approximately 90% of small carbureted gasoline engines.

There are three basic parts to the Green Conversion Kit Model 2:
  1. The Regulation System
  2. Fuel Supply Line
  3. Intake Adapter
As long as the engine you intend to convert is NOT a non OHV/OHC Briggs & Stratton push mower; your engine will use a Model 2 regulation system. After knowing your engine will use Model 2 you will need to decide how long of a Fuel Supply Line you will need. This is done by approximating the distance from the back of the carburetor to the area where you would like to mount the regulation system. Remember to take into account any moving or folding parts along the path of where you intend to rout the Fuel Supply Line.

The last step is to contact us so that we can select the right Intake Adapter for you. In order to match your engine with the right adapter we will need to know the following:
  1. Manufacturer/Brand
  2. Manufacturers Serial and Model Number
  3. Horsepower of the engine
  4. Application of the engine
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