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Save $$Run Propane!™
At Run Propane our mission is to help the public convert to alternative fuel use without sacrificing power.

With today's high fuel cost alternative fuels such as propane offer lower fuel costs and increased engine life.

Our conversion kits will help you join the Green Movement while also saving money.

Why Propane?

Propane Bi-Fuel Upgrades for Cars and Trucks, gasoline or diesel.
Dramatically Reduce Fuel Costs and Run Green!

Reduce your vehicle operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint!
The XSI Fuel System enables a non-invasive upgrade of your engine to a Bi-Fuel System. A Bi-Fuel system allows your vehicle the flexibility to drive your vehicle on propane autogas or gasoline - and switch at the touch of a button! While inexpensive, clean burning propane will be your primary fuel source, you can switch to gasoline when needed. The XSI Fuel System Upgrade leaves your entire gasoline fuel system intact, leaving your vehicle 100% compliant with all current environmental laws and standards. Fleet owners realize major benefits from Upgrading to alternative fuels including cost savings and reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Private companies, municipal, state, and federal organizations can realize substantial cost savings through both the actual fuel costs and also many federal and state incentives . Propane burns cleaner than gasoline, and as new production methods for bio-propane emerge, it will offer the advantage of being a renewable resource.

Why use our System?

  • It works
    • The XSI Fuel System will operate without missing a beat in any elevation or climate conditions you can throw at it. The XSI automatically calibrates to the conditions, and does not need to be adjusted if you are changing the environment in which you are driving. 
    • Our systems are 100% non-invasive. This means we do not change any of the stock controls for Diagnostics, Emissions, or Safety. Your vehicles original equipment will function just as it did before the install. We do not replace sensors to keep the "dummy" lights from coming on. Information is simply gathered by our computer to make the alternative fuel delivery mimic the gasoline delivery.
  • Versatile
    • The XSI Fuel System is comparable with ANY vehicle. For example, if you originally install the system on a 2002 Chevy Silverado - you can switch it to your 2010 Dodge Ram. A simple recalibration and you are ready to roll. And because the equipment on your original vehicle stayed intact, it can be resold as a standard gasoline vehicle. 
    • Propane has been used as a transportation fuel for over ninety years and is the third most commonly used fuel in the United States, behind gasoline and diesel.
  • Propane is an alternative fuel option that eases emission concerns while still offering the power requirements needed by today’s vehicles.
  • Propane is a Federal Qualified Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicle (QAFMV) credit fuel
  • vehicles equipt with propane may be eligible for current and future tax exemptions
  • Potential Grants available for infrastructure and vehicle conversion expense
  • is the Most common Alternative Fuel for Vehicle operation
  • With its 104 octane rating, propane allows engines to run clean without sacrificing performance
  • propane can help extend engine life up to 2 or 3 times*
  • save 40% to 50% on fuel costs*
  • Installs on any Gasoline EFI Engine
  • possible to Switch to and from propane to gas at the push of a dash mounted button
  • Over 1 Million systems installed worldwide.

Where will the tank go?

  • Over 1600 standard tank options
  • Custom engineered D.O.T. approved tank and manifold systems available
  • Tanks made in the U.S.A. by Manchester Tanks
  • Frame mounted, Spare tire replacement, and other concealed tank options available.
  • All tanks are new and come with manufacturer warranty.
  • Propane Tanks are up to 20x more puncture resistant that gasoline tanks

Is a propane powered Vehicle Safe?

  • Yes, even safer. If in an accident, gasoline will pool on the ground, and stays dangerousfor a very long time. Propane will dissipate into the air, making them little or nothreat to explosion in the rare case that the tank would be compromised.

How do we compare to others?

When it comes to alternative fuels, propane is far and away the best alternative.

*Information from The U.S. Department of Energy Website.