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Save $$Run Propane!™
At Run Propane our mission is to help the public convert to alternative fuel use without sacrificing power.

With today's high fuel cost alternative fuels such as propane offer lower fuel costs and increased engine life.

Our conversion kits will help you join the Green Movement while also saving money.

Propane F.A.Q. s

What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?
  • Depending on the application and which kit is needed, the typical ROI is about 2-8 weeks.
Is propane a domestic fuel?
  • Yes, the United States has the highest concentrations of natural gas and propane in the world. By running propane you are running domestic fuels and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, all while saving money and going green!
Why Drive On Propane?
  • Solid Filling Infrastructure already available
  • Save 25% to 40% on fuel Costs
  • Extend Engine Life by 2 to 3 times
  • Propane is an Approved Alternative Energy Fuel
  • Reduce Harmful GHG Emissions
Where will the tank go?
  • Over 1600 standard tank options
  • Custom engineered D.O.T. approved tank and manifold systems available
  • Tanks made in the U.S.A. by Manchester Tanks
  • Frame mounted, Spare tire replacement, and other concealed tank options available.
  • All tanks are new and come with manufacturer warranty.
Are Propane and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as safe as gasoline?
  • Yes, even safer. If in an accident, gasoline will pool on the ground, and stays dangerous for a very long time. Propane and CNG will dissipate into the air, making them little or no threat to explosion in the rare case that the tank would be compromised.
Using Propane and CNG must be more expensive than gasoline, right?
  • No. Propane has been steady at around $2.00 per gallon over the last couple of years. CNG has been running around $1.10 per GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent).
Is there a fueling infrastructure in my area for these alternative fuels?
  • Most likely – yes. Propane is readily available nearly anywhere you can get a propane tank filled for your BBQ or motor home. You can even be set up with a propane fueling station at your home or business. Contact your local propane provider for more information.
    CNG is a little harder to find in rural areas, but is becoming very popular in most urban settings.
What is the average cost of a system?
  • The cost of a system will vary depending on the vehicle and tank you choose.
  • System on a 4 cylinder vehicle with a small trunk/bed located tank will run about $4000 installed. While a system on a 8 cylinder vehicle will run in the neighborhood of about $6000.00 with a standard tank. For a quote for your vehicle, please contact us and we will be happy to give you an exact price.
Can your system work on a vehicle with more than 8 cylinders?
  • Yes. Our systems can work on vehicles up to 16 cylinders and beyond.
Will this system work on a diesel engine?
  • Yes, we offer a product that will work with many diesel engines.